These days it takes a lot for commercials to catch my attention. Last month, however, Sprite’s “The Legend of St. Rick” came across the screen and my eyes and ears perked up. It was a clever holiday-themed spot advertising the company’s limited-edition cranberry soda. Sprite has been producing its cranberry flavor since 2013. At that time it was the first new flavor they had put out in eight years.

Right around the same time I remember hearing a Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash commercial on the radio. Sierra Mist has been producing its special-edition cranberry soft drink for 10 years.

Turns out Canada Dry, Ocean Spray and countless other brands also produce cranberry-flavored soft drinks. Am I the only one who has been living in the carbonated dark ages? Possibly. But thanks to my heightened awareness of all things cranberry (a pleasant by-product of working for the Cranberry Marketing Committee), I have seen the light and am reveling in this delightfully bubbly new discovery.

Consider too, that you can make your own cran-soda any time of year by adding a cranberry flavored mixer to your SodaStream, or by combining cranberry juice with seltzer. Mix in fresh lime juice, ginger, honey, mint ‑‑ whatever you like!

If you want to kick things up a notch, there are adult versions of cranberry soda such as Spiked Seltzer’s Cape Cod Cranberry or try your hand at making Punch Bowl Social’s Spiced Cranberry Soda with this video recipe.

Have a sparkling New Year!

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