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What do cranberries and rowers have in common?  They both float, of course!  And beginning this summer, the Cranberry Marketing Committee (CMC) is pleased to be teaming up with USRowing to provide their athletes with access to America’s Original Superfruit®.


The CMC has been supplying USRowing’s elite athletes with snack-sized packets of dried cranberries for several years, and this more formal partnership will allow even more athletes to experience firsthand how incorporating cranberries into a healthy diet can help boost performance.


“As a natural carb source, dried cranberries are an ideal snack for our athletes,” said Liz Fusco, MS, RDN, USRowing’s national team dietitian and nutritionist. “Carbohydrates are the primary fuel source for endurance exercise, and an essential component of the post-exercise recovery snack.”


USRowing is the national governing body for the sport of rowing and membership includes more than 1,350 organizations and 83,000 individuals who row for recreation, competition or fitness.


“We are so pleased to be able to support this wonderful organization and demonstrate how athletes can take advantage of the unique health benefits of cranberries year round,” said CMC Executive Director Michelle Hogan. “Fat free, cholesterol free, sodium free, and with carbohydrates, potassium, fiber and Vitamin C, dried cranberries are the perfect on-the-go snack for all athletes.”


CMC will join USRowing at four major rowing championship events with a presence in the organization’s “Relax and Recharge” stations and will continue to support the elite national team rowers throughout the year.


About USRowing

USRowing is a nonprofit membership organization recognized by the United States Olympic Committee as the national governing body for the sport of rowing in the United States. USRowing selects, trains and manages the teams that represent the U.S. in international competition including the world championships, Pan American Games and Olympics. More than 83,000 individuals and 1,350 organizations strong, USRowing serves and promotes the sport on all levels of competition. USRowing membership reflects the spectrum of American rowers – juniors, collegians, masters and those who row for recreation, competition or fitness. To learn more about USRowing, visit http://www.usrowing.org/ or follow @USRowing on social media.

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