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From mid-September through December, fresh cranberries are harvested and available for your store shelves. U.S.-grown cranberries are in season for just a few months, but with big promotions, you can drive greater sales of this favorite fall fruit. Whether you combine your efforts with a nationwide promotion or share easy-to-make recipes, you can give shoppers more reasons to buy cranberries! Here are a few ways you can market fresh cranberries in your store:

Target Millennials with a Nationwide Promotion – Cranberry Friendsgiving Social Media Contest
Friendsgiving is the growing millennial-driven trend all about celebrating Thanksgiving with friends – either on Thanksgiving or during the weeks before or after. The Cranberry Friendsgiving Photo Contest allows you to engage with millennial shoppers and create additional fresh cranberry purchasing opportunities. Join the growing social media buzz and invite your shoppers to share their Friendsgiving cranberry creations with the hashtag #FriendsgivingCranberryContest and enter the contest for a chance to win one of several $500 prizes at

How you can bring Friendsgiving to your store:
  •  Showcase on-shelf signage promoting fresh cranberries in recipes and decorations
  •  Feature colorful displays with cranberries, other ingredients and recipe cards
  •  Host in-store demos highlighting cranberries in Friendsgiving recipes and decorations
  • Amplify through in-store magazines, ad circulars and overhead radio
  • Distribute printed and electronic coupons to drive fresh cranberry purchases
  • Online
  •  Post Cranberry Friendsgiving social media content, including tips and recipes using the hashtag #FriendsgivingCranberryContest
  •  Amplify through store blog posts and e-newsletters
  •  Utilize social media-ready and print-ready promotional assets available from the Cranberry Marketing Committee
  • Encourage Shoppers to Buy One for Now and Two for the Freezer
    An effective way to sell more fresh cranberries is to encourage customers to stock up while they are in season by buying one for now, two for the freezer. It drives greater sales and educates customers on how fresh cranberries can be frozen in their original packaging for up to one year and can be used the same way as fresh cranberries in recipes.

    Give your Shoppers More Ways to Use Cranberries
    Fresh cranberries are a versatile fruit that complement both savory and sweet dishes. Having them available at your stores invites multiple cross-merchandising opportunities with poultry during the holiday season, spirits to create festive cocktails, game meats to pair with tart sauces, and fresh produce to create fun and delicious side dishes.

    In-store cooking demonstrations show customers how easy it is to prepare meals with cranberries and highlights their culinary versatility. Providing customers with the opportunity to taste a new dish and take home recipes promotes trial and purchase. Pairing demos with sales promotions of buy one, get one free or two for $5 are great ways to build excitement and interest.

    Catch Shoppers’ Attention
    Well-designed signage promoting “buy one for now, two for the freezer” drives interest and attention from customers. Supermarket shoppers, especially millennials, are looking for foods that promote health and have a great story – and cranberries speak to both of those interests. Displays including graphics, such as the America’s Original Superfruit® logo, and fresh cranberries in rustic, wooden crates reinforce these meaningful aspects of cranberries.
    Talk Health
    A serving of fresh cranberries contains 7 mg of vitamin , 1.8 g of fiber, and unique antioxidant polyphenols.1,2 Including in-store registered dietitian endorsements on-shelf, helps communicate health messages and demonstrates to customers how cranberries can fit into a healthy diet.
    Combine Efforts: Produce and Floral Departments Work Together
    Take advantage of the cranberry’s bright-hued red color to grow your fresh cranberry sales by cross-promoting them with your floral department. Fresh cranberries can be used to adorn wreaths, bouquets, baskets, and they can be combined with other produce such as kale and colorful lettuces to create uniquely-themed arrangements. As a fruit that floats, they are the perfect addition to a floral arrangement in a glass vase!

    Find Fresh Cranberry Distributers
    To find a fresh cranberry supplier, visit

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