Cranberry BBQ Chicken Sandwich
Cranberry BBQ Chicken Sandwich
Servings Prep Time
48sandwiches 20minutes
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
48sandwiches 20minutes
Cook Time
  • Cranberry BBQ Sauce*
  • 3Tbsp. Oil, vegetable
  • 3cups Onions, yellow, minced10 oz.
  • 1/4cup Garlic, minced
  • 3Tbsp. Dry mustard
  • 2Tbsp. Chili powder
  • 3/4cup Tomato paste
  • 3qt. Cranberry Sauce:
  • 2cups Vinegar, cider
  • 1/2 cup Molasses, dark
  • 2-3cups Water, if needed
  • [br/]
  • 5lb. Cooked white chicken meat
  • 2 qt. Cranberry BBQ Sauce*, heated
  • [br/]
  • 48 Buns, whole-grain, split, 2 oz.
  • 3qt. Prepared creamy coleslaw
  1. In a large sauce pan, heat oil over medium-high heat; add onions and sauté 2 minutes. Mix in garlic, mustard, and chili powder and continue cooking 1-2 minutes. Add tomato paste and cook 1 minute.
  2. Add cranberry sauce, vinegar and molasses and bring to a simmer, whisking often until mixture becomes smooth. Lower heat and simmer for 35-40 minutes or until mixture reduces and thickens. Add water to mixture if it gets too thick. Remove from heat and cool to room temperature. Place in a covered container and refrigerate until ready to use as directed. Reheat before using.
  3. Place chicken meat in bottom of a full-size shallow hotel pan and stir in hot Cranberry BBQ Sauce* to mix. Cover and heat in a 350°F conventional or 300°F convection oven for 30 minutes or until chicken begins to break apart. Remove cover, stir and continue cooking 15 minutes or until mixture thickens. Remove from heat, cover and keep warm until ready to serve.
  4. To Serve: For each serving, spoodle/scoop 4 oz./1/2 cup BBQ chicken onto a bun and top with 1/4 cup/2 oz. coleslaw. Replace bun top on sandwich and serve accompanied by cut raw vegetables and/or fresh apple wedges.
  1. One serving provides 2 oz. eq. grains, 1 1⁄2 oz. eq. meat/meat alternate, 1⁄4 cup fruit, 1⁄4 cup other vegetables
Nutrients per serving
  1. Calories 362 kcal, Total Fat 6.73 g, Saturated Fat 1.32 g, Trans Fat 0 g, Cholesterol 45.89 mg, Sodium 320.11 mg, Carbohydrates 59.47 g, Dietary Fiber 4.67 g, Protein 20.39 g, Vitamin C 13.41 mg, Calcium 74.03 mg, Iron 4.03 mg, Vitamin A 55.16 RE (300.51 IU), 3.28% Calories from Saturated Fat
  1. CCP: Cool to 70˚F or lower within 2 hours and from 70˚F to 40˚F within 4 more hours. Place in shallow pans with a product depth of 2 inches or less and refrigerate or place shallow pans of product into ice bath, immerse pans into ice up to product level and stir frequently. Cover and label product.
  1. CCP: Reheat to 165˚F or higher for 15 seconds, within 2 hours.
Sanitation instructions
  1. Wash hands and exposed parts of arms before handling food, after handling raw foods and after any interruption that may contaminate hands. Wash, rinse and sanitize all equipment and utensils before and after use. Return all ingredients to refrigerator if preparation is interrupted. Measure all internal product temperatures with a cleaned and sanitized thermocouple or thermometer every 2 hours. Thaw frozen product properly using an FDA recommended method.