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A brief history of the cranberry

Cape Cod Life Cranberry farming has flourished on Cape Cod for 200 years, due in large part to the peninsula’s acidic peat soils, coarse sand, constant water supply, and moderately long and frost-free growing season, writes Christy Lowrance in Cranberry Harvest: A...

Cranberry Juice & Heart Health

Previous studies have shown that cranberries are rich in the types of polyphenols associated with a reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke. But Novotny’s study is the first to show that cranberries confer such health benefits in a controlled-diet,...

Cranberries are superfood of the month in April

The Cranberry Marketing Committee (CMC) is pleased to announce its partnership with Compass Group to feature cranberries as the superfood of the month in April 2016. Compass Group, one of the world’s largest foodservice management companies, will feature cranberries...

UMass Cranberry Station scheduled for a face lift

Brian Wick, Executive Director of CCCGA The UMass Cranberry Station, a little known world class research center in East Wareham, is scheduled for a face lift. The plan is to update the research facility, constructed in the 1960s, with modern laboratories and...

More Colorful, Hardier Cranberry

Rutgers Today Rutgers researchers have developed a new, hardier variety of cranberry that is able to withstand disease and has a larger round berry with a more even color than other breeds. More Colorful, Hardier Cranberry

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