Kid-Friendly Cranberry Recipes

Another big thank you to those of you on the front lines—healthcare professionals, first responders, grocery workers, and other essential employees—who have been working so selflessly during the COVID-19 pandemic.
For those social distancing at home with children, you may be in search of new ways to keep the young ones occupied. Today we wanted to share a few kid-friendly recipes so that the whole family can participate in cooking with cranberries!
The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend choosing a variety of nutrient-dense foods, including fruits like cranberries, which contain essential vitamins and minerals, dietary fiber and other naturally occurring compounds that may have potential health benefits.

Cooking with cranberries is fun and there are many easy ways to incorporate their unique flavor into meals. Some our favorites include:

Other ways to include cranberries

    • Blend frozen cranberries and/or juice into smoothies
    • Mix cranberry sauce into oatmeal or yogurt
    • Make your own cranberry sauce from frozen cranberries
    • Mix dried cranberries into baked goods
    • Combine cranberry juice and seltzer for a fizzy mocktail, garnish with frozen cranberries

We know a lot of folks are watching their sugar intake these days. It is important to note that some cranberry products are sweetened because, unlike other berries, cranberries are naturally very low in sugar and high in acidity, making them especially tart. The Dietary Guidelines allow for a limited amount of added sugar to improve taste and recommends less than 10 percent of calories per day be from added sugar. The total amount of sugar in dried cranberries is similar to that of other dried fruits.

For more ways to cook with cranberries, visit or follow @USCranberries on social media.

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