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In the fall, the Cranberry Marketing Committee encourages consumers to “buy one for now, two for the freezer,” meaning store fresh cranberries in the freezer for use later on. Frozen foods are a convenient and delicious way to eat the items you love year round. What better time than right now – Frozen Food Month – to utilize that cache of America’s Original Superfruit®?  And those who didn’t freeze their own cranberries can buy them frozen in retail stores or online.


Cooking with frozen cranberries is a fun and easy way to incorporate unique flavor, color and variety into meals. Frozen cranberries can often be used in recipes that call for fresh without even having to thaw first.  Some simple ways to incorporate frozen cranberries include:

  • Blend into smoothies
  • Simmer your own cranberry sauce
  • Make sweet or savory salsa
  • Roast with root vegetables
  • Blend into winter soups
  • Mix into muffins, pancakes and breads
  • Bake into cakes or cookies
  • Pair with apples or pears in a fruit tart
  • Float on top of a cranberry margarita, sangria, mimosa
  • Skewer a few with a toothpick to garnish other cocktails


America’s Original Superfruit® offers big health benefits in a tiny package, including unique polyphenols not commonly found in other fruits.  A serving of fresh or frozen cranberries contains fiber (1.8 g; 6.43% DV), Vitamin C (7 mg; 7.78% DV), Vitamin A (31.5 IU; 3.5% DV) and many other nutrients.  All forms of cranberry are sodium free, fat free and cholesterol free.


When searching for new ways to use fresh or frozen cranberries, visit www.uscranberries.com.  The following are just a few ideas:

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