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Cranberry-Filled Candle Holder



  • 7 cups fresh cranberries (depending on size of container, 7 cups needed for vase pictured here)
  • newspaper
  • gold spray paint
  • trough-style clear vase of choice (pictured here: 13.25 inch length x 4 inch depth x 3 inch wide oval)
  • candles: 2-3 taper or pillar
  • hot glue gun


  • Take 1 cup of cranberries outside and spread out on newspaper. Be sure they are not touching. Spray paint gold. Allow spray paint to dry and roll cranberries to expose the unpainted side. Spray paint and let dry for 10 minutes.
  • If using pillar candles, decide candle placement within glass container. Use a hot glue gun to place dots of glue on the base of the candle and adhere to the inner base of the container. Skip this step with taper candles.
  • Fill the vase with a mix of painted and unpainted cranberries around pillar candles. If using taper candles, fill vase a third of the way with cranberries, place pillar candles, and continue to surround and fill with cranberries.
  • Place on table and light candles.
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