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Cranberry Rope Garland



  • twine
  • 18 fresh cranberries per foot of garland (about 150 cranberries for two, 4-foot garlands)
  • yarn needle (#16)
  • thin gauge floral wire
  • wire cutter or heavy duty kitchen shears
  • needle nose pliers (optional)


  • Cut twine to desired garland length. Double knot the terminating end of the twine and thread through a yarn needle. Note that final multiple garland draping will shorten the overall length of the garland, so cut more than you think you need.
  • Pierce and thread approximately 18 cranberries per foot of desired twine. Continue to thread garland until it reaches desired length.
  • To finish garland, double knot and lay on floor or table in a straight line so it does not tangle.
  • Repeat process to create two garlands. Lay second garland below first garland on the table or floor. To create draping, connect the bottom garland to the top with thin gauge floral wire. Twist to connect the twine between cranberries in one touchpoint using needle nose pliers, or by hand.
  • Hang on banister, door or mantle.


  • Carlene Thomas, RDN, LD; Healthfully Ever After
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