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Cranfully Good Chocolate Bites



Ingredients for Cranfully Good Chocolate Bites

  • 3 T 70-80% cocoa premium dark chocolate chips
  • 1/8 cups mix of walnuts, cashews, almonds, pistachios
  • 1/8 cups mix of dried cranberries, raisins, gooseberries (optional), pumpkin seeds



  • Mix the nuts and dried fruits together. Melt chocolate in microwave-safe container on low power setting. Rule of thumb: 1 min. for 1 oz.; 3 min. for 8 oz.; 3.5 min. for 1 lb.; 4 min. for 2.lb. Run microwave in 30 sec.-1 min. increments. When most of the chocolate is melted, stir mixture continuously until smooth, shiny, and completely melted.
  • Spoon chocolate onto wax paper in even circles. Top with nuts and fruits. Let harden and then refrigerate 10 minutes.
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